desinsectisation punaise de lit paris

Bed bugs are one of the oldest parasite in humans, bedbugs feed on humans for the species that concerns us because of one meal or more per month.
It is not the lack of hygiene that promotes their appearance or proliferation.
You bring them in your suitcases after a stay in an infested room, they enter your home after the removal of the neighbor of the top who will have laid his box spring on your landing and bedbugs will be unhooked and penetrated under the door.
They are hiding basically near their food source, you in case, bed mattress couch, night stand, cupboards, electrical outlets, ceiling.
A rigorous treatment of their hiding places will be carried out by an experienced rogue with this technique.


Les punaises de lit souillent les endroits qu'elles fréquentent de leurs déjections et excréments.

Piques noctures, allergies, démangeaisons cutanées

Stress, difficulées à dormir, fatigue






  • Quelques chifres
    • longueur adulte: 5 à 7mm
    • Piques par repas: 1 à 7
    • espace entre les repas:1 semaine à 1mois
    • ponte: environ 200 oeufs par an
    • les punaises peuvent "hyberner" pendant 1 an sans source de nourriture

Exterminator bedbugs

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