Exterminator cockroad


The essential thing to remember about cockroaches (cockroach), roaches are essentially in hot and humid places, behind refrigerators, kitchen furniture, in the bathroom and toilet, in the technical columns of the buildings.
Conclusion the derators will therefore "seal" the risers, put grids on the vents that are lacking.
Apply insecticide treatment appropriate to the treatment site.


Cockroaches soil the places they frequent with their droppings.

Very often they repel us

They carry germs such as different types of salmonella and diseases Dysentery Typhoid fever Tuberculosis Hepatitis Parasitic diseases Fungal infections Gastroenteritis.



  • Quelques chifres

    • longueur maxi 18mm

    • Durée de vie: entre 6 mois à  3 ans

    • Nombre d'oeufs par ponte(ootheque) : 30 à 50

    • Un cafards peut produire jusqu'à 1 000 000 descendants en une année.

  • Alimentation

    • omnivore, opportunisme