INFORMATIONS derrating insect control :


  • How is a rat extermination?

  1. The derators go around your home to locate rodent passages and determine the type of rodent (mice, rats)
  2. The derators seal the access holes to your home with suitable materials
  3. Implementation of treatment solutions, poisons, traps, seismic repellent or sonor
  4. After 10 days if more new traces of redness are won otherwise you call us for a new free interventionpendand 2ans, a hole will certainly have escaped us during our initial intervention
  5. Step 4 is renewed for 2 years until you no longer notice the presence of rodents
  • Why a 2-year guarantee for rat extermination?

This allows us to reopen for free if a hole escaped us during our intervention and that rodents returned. Once all the holes are close it will become definitive.

  • Why 6 months warranty for pest control?

This is the average time of efficiency of disinsectistion products. Insects such as cockroaches or moths tick in the overpacks of food products and can reappear in your home, even if we have blocked access to the common areas of housing .


    Agrément Certibiocide: Obligatoire depuis 2015 pour l'application et la vente de produit biocide.
    Agrément Piégeur: Obligatoire pour la capture, le piégage des espèces classées nuisibles en région
    Raticide: idem Rodonticide
    Rodenticide: Poison à base d'anticoagulant élaboré pour les rongeurs, souris rats, mortalité 5 à 8 jours après absorption suivant la quantité mangée. Antidote  géneralement Vitamine K1.voir informations sur l'emballage du produit.