Exterminator Mice

mouse identification

The mouse, mice

The key thing to remember about mice is that they rarely live in your home. They nest in endoits that we do not frequent or rarely (cellar, attic, between ground, technical columns of tyaux etc)

Which brings us to the next conclusion, keeping them outside of housing. What our experienced derakers will do for you because they work with these methods.


The mice defile the places they frequent with their urine and excrement, they eat and destroy your food.

They are a source of nocturnal noise pollution

Mice can transmit different diseases such as leptospirosis, swine dysentery, trichinosis, toxoplasmosis and different types of salmonella

Their way of life

  • Some numbers
    • max length 13 cm
    • 30 gr of weight for an adult
    • Sexual maturity: 45 days for the male, 40 to 45 days for the female
    • number of admittance per year: 4 à 8
    • Number of pups by birth : 6 à 12
    • Duration of pregnancy : 21 jours
    • Duration of lactation : 3 semaines
    • Weight at birth : 1,5 g
  • Food
    • omnivorous, opportunistic she eat everything