Trapping of murids

La fouine est beaucoup plus claire que la martre, la fouine a le poils clair blansc sous le cou et le ventre
La marte est beaucoup plus sombre que la fouine

The other murids

Those who are going to interest us are the martens, they find in our loft and the doubling of our homes heat and matter to make a "nest nestled".

Problem, besides the nocturnal noises they destroy the insulation, the ducts of ventilations, the electric cables and leave excrement and the urine of or the odors desageable.


  •  Identify the annimal (excrement, impression)
  • Locate access voices to your home
  • Clog holes marked by pests
  • Trapping pests, stocking them would be a mistake because they would give off a pestillential odor during decomposition. And it's a lot more funny.


Martens are nocturnal or noise disturbances, destruction of insulation, dubbing, ventilation duct and electric cable.

Excrement and urine from or smell of "fawn"

their way of life

  • Quelques chifres
    • longueur maxi 60 cm
    • Poids: 600gr à 2,3kg
    • Nombre de portées par an : 1
    • Nombre de petits par portée : 2 à 5
  • Alimentation
    • omnivore, carnivore, insectivore et frugivore
  • Activité: Crépusculaire pour la martre, nocture pour la fouine