Exterminator rats

Les rats

Les rats

The rats, who are preoccupied with the Norway Rattus (Rattus norvegicus) need to drink very often so they are often found in sewage pipes and out of sight that have no protective grids. If you hear them in the dubbing of the partitions it is necessary that they have not enter a hole between your doubling and the outside, or an unobstructed drain pipe.

it will only be left to our deratisers to locate and seal these accesses


The rats defile the places they frequent with their urine and excrement, they destroy your insulations, nibble the electric cables create galleries and destroy your food, paper, wood, pipes. Certain metals (copper, tin and lead) do not resist the teeth of rats

Rats generate nocturnal noise in the walls and false ceilings.

Rats transmit different diseases such as leptospirosis, black plague, rabies, swine dysentery, trichinosis, toxoplasmosis and different types of salmonella. They live mainly in sewage

Leur mode de vie

  • Quelques chifres
    • longueur environ 25 cm la queue de même logueur que le corps
    • enrion 300 gr pour un adulte
    • Maturité sexuelle : 50 à 60 jours après la naissance et cesse entre 12 et 18 mois
    • Nombre de petits par portée : 6 à 12
    • Nombre de portéé par an: 4 à 7
    • Durée de la gestation : 20 à 22 jours
    • Durée de la lactation : 3 semaines
    • Poids à la naissance : 5 g
  • Alimentation
    • omnivore, opportunisme les rats mangent de tout