FLEAS Disinsection

desinsectisation punaise de lit paris


The cause of flea infection is very often due to our pets, cats or dogs

Fleas put on their coat during daily trips to the street or park

The treatment will be carried out by insecticide spray on the ground, this product will be effective 3 months.

A fumigation or nebulization will be carried out in order to dislodge the chips that will be on the upper part, sofa, bed, to bring them to the ground or the insecticide was sprayed.

The treatment of your animals must be done, specific products are on sale at veterinary or usual pharmaticien.

The extermination of the chips can not be improvised, the products used will be decisive in the success of the disinsectisation

Fleas or bed bugs? fleas bite on the feet and the knobs are active even during the day.
The bites are quite diffuse, unlike bugs where they form a line or curve of 3 to 6 bites.



Spikes, allergies, itchy skin
Stress, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, illness


  • Quelques chifres
    • longueur adulte: 1,5mm
    • Piques par repas: 1 à 3
    • Adult in 2 to 3 months
    • egg-laying: 50 eggs per day for 50 to 100 days